Formed in 2020 during the height of the Covid Pandemic, Brett McMillan (Director) left the role of Manager in a very credible High Performance Machine Shop and decided to go out on his own and forge a path in the Performance Parts sales market.. and industry he is very passionate about and has 20 years experience in..

Sunset Speed was born, with a focus on the late model Gen3 Hemi market in Australia, allowing products to be readily available to hotrod the modern hemi, something that hasn't been readily available to Australians in the past. You will find our shop geared up mostly for the Hemi market but that does not mean we don't cater for everything else, we help many people with different manufacturers with quality proven brands & parts to make their rides outta control fast!

So be sure to have a good wander around our site, explore all our sections and if your after something you cant see on our site, have a question or simply want to run an idea past us, be sure to contact us, because nearly every time we can source it, answer it or listen and get you going down the right path.

Hit us up with your project ideas, we love talking high performance and we can come up with a plan to work within your budget to get smiles per miles into your ride.

Brett McMillan

Director - Sunset Speed

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