Established in Taiwan in 2007 , has quickly turned into a mainstay brand with the drive to be a top performing & innovative company .

Airrex Global has a worldwide distributor list and can be found in Japan, Europe, Canada, United States and now Australia.

With a wide and vast application list all Airrex Suspension Systems are engineered from the ground up, for each specific application. This ensures the best quality & fitting kit on the market.

All Airrex Digital Air Suspension products & kits are all made to order, this ensures the end customer receives the most recent products, not a kit thats been sitting on a shelf for 12 months.

Normal wait times are 4-6 weeks

Time to put some stance in your ride!!!! 

Manifold valve [Note 1]

1. Independent adjustment and control over four air struts
2. Pressure different at the two ends can reach 200 PSI
3. Anti-leakage and anti-peeling copper nut fittings are better than quick fittings
4. All parts can be independently assembled and disassembled to facilitate maintenance and service

Wired controller [Note 2]

1. It is equipped with WIFI signal receptor function so it can be connected to WIFI wired controller operating system via the APP
2. Due to security consideration, the wireless and cannot be used simultaneously
3. It provides three sets of the fun ction of the seteng memoies
* Unique product code (warranty code)【C001~】、【001A~】are equipped with WIFI function. » How to find out my product warranty code?

Wireless controller [Note 3]

1. Zigbee wireless connection system
2. Connection function at a certain distance*connection distance is affected by indoor and outdoor environments
3. It provides three sets of the function of the height preset
4. Real-time display of actual data

Height sensor [Note 4]

1. The angle module of 1~359 degree*must not pass 0 point during installation; the 0 point and the 360 degree is the same point
2. It is equipped with the vehicle height setting interface with easier operation as compared to other brands

Air tank [Note 5]

1. The capacity of 3 gallons
2. Stainless steel
3. Seven 1/4” holes
4. Side drainage valve is easily used by users*the external drainage valve connected to internal copper pipe, and to the bottom of air tank to water drainage

Air compressor

VIAIR air compressor is adopted

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