CHE LS Rocker Arm Trunion Kit

$389.50 $430.50 -10% OFF

CHE LS Rocker Arm Trunion Kit

$389.50 $430.50 -10% OFF

AVAILABILITY - If not in stock, item can be purchased as a special order. Ship date varies pending manufacturer availability.

Product description

By using state of the art CNC machining equipment, CHE can manufacture components efficiently and repeatedly with unparalleled accuracy. You can be sure you will get a CHE “PRECISION” part manufactured in the USA! 

Materials CHE uses the finest materials available today. With 30-years of industry experience, CHE has developed its own proprietary material that has revolutionized the industry by setting a new standard for wear and performance. 

Research & Development Testing and Developing is part of this industry. CHE goes to great lengths to continually research and develop products that will ultimately benefit the end user. From Spintron testing to NASCAR racing you can be sure you will have the very best components available. 

Quality Control “Quality isn’t Expensive - It’s Priceless!” There is a lot to be said about this quote. If you have a component in your engine of less quality, it could cost you much more. CHE Precision prides itself on holding a next to perfect rejection rate.

Quantity included: Full set to do 16 rocker arms or 1 entire engine.  

Tools Needed: C-Clip Tool

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